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Galvanized Quare Hole Wire Mesh

galvanized square hole wire mesh :
Raw Material:
High quality low carbon steel wire, electro and hot-dipped galvanized iron wire,stainless steel wire.

Surface treatment:
Hot-dipped galvanized after woven,
Electro galvanized after woven,
Hot-dipped galvanized before woven,
Electro galvanized before woven.
square hole wire mesh
Square Wire Mesh is widely used in industries and constructions to sieve grain powder, filter liquid and gas, for other purposes like safe guards on machinery enclosures. Besides, it is widely applied for the substitute of wood strips in making wall and ceiling. Applications include screens for vents, louvers, spark arrestors, finger guards, baskets, racks, trays, cages, dehydrators and miscellaneous sheet metal fabrications. Pre-galvanized wire mesh is the most economical but is more prone to corrosion because the galvanized surface is burned off where the wires are welded. However, pre-galvanized is more attractive in appearance than hot-DIP galvanized.

In rolls, wrapped with waterproof paper or plastic film. Special packing can be designed by customers.

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