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Stainless Steel Hexaognal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal Netting is made of high quality low carbon steel wire.Hexagonal Netting divides into hot dipped galvanized and electro galvanized and pvc coated .The products have smooth mesh surface ,well-proportioned meshes ,strong welded points and bright luster.Compared with general iron wire,the products are better in respects of anti-corrosive and anti rust.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh supplier in china

Our supply ability of Hexagonal wire mesh
At least 600Rolls per day,or as per your order quantity, we are glad to develop more equipments for more large qty and a long term cooperation. Our production equipment is constantly updated to better satisfied customers needs. Welcome to contact us and let us know your requirements, we promise to do the best for you.
Stainless Steel Hexaognal Wire Mesh Details:
1,Material:Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire
2, Weaving twist style: Normal twist, reverse twist.
3,Assortments of Hexagonal Wire Netting :
1, Electro galvanized before weaving, Electro galvanized after weaving,
2, Hot dipped galvanized before weaving, hot dipped galvanized after weaving
3, PVC coated
4,Stainless steel wire
5,Galvanized drawn iron wire
4,Characteristics:Firm structure,flat surface,coorodion-resisting and oxidation-resisting

our company as a Stainless Steel Wire Mesh supplier ,if you need that pls contact us.
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