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cheap soft black annealed wire

Product name: black annealed wire
Material: low carbon high quality iron wire
Surface treatment: annealed add oil
Use: daily binding construction industrial use. Handcraft making net etc.
Package: 0.5-1 ton/coil

plastic firm inside and woven bag outside / plastic film inside and hessian bag outside.

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Specifications of soft black annealed wire
This kind of soft balck annealed wire is made with low carbon steel wire or high carbon steel wire. Through standard processes under careful control from steel wire rod; wire drawing, annealing, rust removing, acid washing, and boiling, drying, zinc coating; to make wire coiling.
Usage of soft black annealed wire
These kinds of wire can be used for making redrawing wire, weaving wire mesh, binding wire, and fencing for expressway and construction and so on.
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