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Oval Wire

Oval Wire
Oval Wire
Oval Wire
Oval Wire
Oval Wire
Oval Wire

Our galvanized Oval Wire products have excellent mechanical properties.
The vertical hot-dip galvanized technology ensures coating thickness.
We employ the most experienced, talented, licensed engineers in the industry to design solutions for your application.
20 production lines for zinc coating and 34 lines for stranding wire ,with Independent test and research center, plus manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland and Japan, give our customers unparalleled support and global reach.
Galvanized steel strand is used for prestressed concrete structure reinforced, such as large-span bridges on railway and highway, overhead crane beam, rock-soil anchoring Project, multi- storey industrial buildings, stadiums, coal mines and etc.
Available size and type
(1)Galvanized steel :Φ1.44-4.77 mm
(2)Galvanized strand:3 wires,4wires,5wires,7wires,19wires,37wires
(3)Armoring steel wire 0.9mm and above

Oval Wire

1. materials of oval wire

The main material is hot dipped galvanized wire, high tensile, high carbon
2. the most popular size of oval wire
1) 2.4*3.0mm (JP15x17)
Package: 1000 meters/coil or 45kg/coil, then ten coils per bundle
Breaking load: ≥700kgf
Zinc coating : 90-100g/m2 and more
2) 2.2*2.7mm (JP14x16)
Package: 1000meters/coil, 1250 meters/coil or 45kg/coil, then ten coils per bundle
Breaking load: ≥600kgf
Zinc coating: 90g-100g/m2 and more
3. The specification of oval wire

Specification Breaking Force Zinc Coating Diameter Tolerance Length Weight


700kgf Min.80/m² ±0.06mm 1000M 45kg


600 kgf Min.80/m² ±0.06mm 1250M 45kg


500 kgf Min.80/m² ±0.06mm 1500M 45kg


400 kgf Min.50/m² ±0.06mm 1900M 45kg


500 kgf Min.50/m² ±0.06mm 465M 25kg


500 kgf Min.50/m² ±0.06mm 170M 25kg
4. Application of oval fence wire:
* Agriculture
* Fencing
* Horticulture structure
* Fences to cattle farms in special sites as flooded lands and seashore farms
* Vineyard

* Trellis


Superior corrosion resistance
Smooth interior for easy wire pull-thru
For especially tight applications where standard conduit won't fit between obstacles
Makes extremely tight “U” bends
Withstands longitudinal pull without damage
For interconnecting within equipment and appliances
Premium hot dip galvanized zinc coating won’t flake or peel
Available in custom lengths or can be cut by customer from coils or larger bulk packages.
cement electricity poles, railway sleeper, subway track board, concrete piles,beams, girders, slabs, hollow floor board, double-T board, PHC.

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