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Things to be aware of when finishing stainless steel wire mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh is used for sieving and filtration under the environmental conditions of acid and alkali, and the petroleum industry is used as mud screen as sieving screen and electroplating, chemical and chemical fiber industry.

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What should I be careful when finishing stainless steel wire mesh?
1. When we finish stainless steel wire mesh, we should also pay attention to the use of packaging materials. In order to effectively guarantee the quality of the packaging, it must have sufficient strength not to be packaged. If you have questions, be careful when organizing.
2, pay attention to the uniformity of the material, the only way to ensure that there is no problem when using the material, regardless of which way to arrange it is to comply with this requirement
3. When finishing stainless steel wire mesh, we also need to control the thickness of the packaging. Do not make it too thick, otherwise the quality of the material will also increase, which will make it more difficult to handle.
In stainless steel wire mesh finish, you need to pay attention to the above matters, this is the only way to guarantee the final production effect completely, all manufacturers do a good job in production
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