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Galvanized Weled Wire Mesh For Sale

Welded Wire Mesh is known as welded wire or welded mesh by some customers.
The structure of this kind of wire mesh is strong, lasting and rust-resistant.
Welded Wire Mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire.
Surface Treatment:
1. Electro galvanized before welded wire mesh
2. Electro galvanized after welded wire mesh
3. Hot-dipped galvanized before welded wire mesh
4. Hot-dipped galvanized after welded wire mesh
5. Iron/galvanized wire+pvc coated

6. Stainless steel 304,316 wire

Welded Wire Mesh

NOTE:We choose the best low carbon wire or stainless steel wire material available in China.
The high quality & reasonable price product is from the right material.
high quality low-carbon steel wire, black wire or stainless steel wire
Surface treatment:
electro-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated
smooth mesh surface ,well-proportioned meshes ,strong welded points and bright luster. high solid structure,corrosion-resisting,oxidation-resisting.
Our Packing:
A>.Packed in rolls :packed water-proof paper in bulk or by pallet
B>.Packed in pieces: Plastic inside and then by pallet
1. 24 hours service will be always available.
2. We can customize the product according to your design.
3. We follow the principle – be honest, professional and efficient.
4. Perfect after-sales service.
5. If you are interested in our products or related products, please contact us.
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