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Wholesale Galvanised Wide Coil Lath

Coil mesh is used primarily as anti-cracking reinforcement in the construction of brick and block masonry. Our factory supplies a series constructional wire mesh including expanded metal coil mesh for brickwork reinforcement in all types of buildings such as reinforcement of road, tunnel reinforcement, ground paving, swimming pools, concrete reinforcement and floor reinforcement.
wholesale Galvanised Wide Coil Lath
Brick Wall Reinforced Welded Wire Mesh
It has the continuous lengths of joint reinforcement that are embedded into the horizontal mortar joints of masonry walls. Joint reinforcement has long proven to be necessary for superior performance of masonry wall construction.
Variety: Truss-Mesh Reinforcement
Ladder-Mesh Reinforcement
Available at: hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized or stainless steel
The specification :
The widht : 50mm,100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm etc.

Our company as a aluminum expanded metal mesh sheet factory ,if you need that pls contact us.
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